Wild Spot Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg



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Discover a different side of the Kegel World with this Wild Spot Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg. It's time to unleash that untamed version of you and submerge yourself into a series of vagina stimulation when one of these Wild Spot Jasper Drilled Yoni Eggs is inside you. Reach the peak however you want because this set comes with three yoni eggs of small, medium and large sizes.

For the newcomer, try the large size of 1.77 inches in length and 1.18 inches in width. Then slowly climb to the medium size of 1.57 inches in length and 0.98 inches in width, until you become the queen of the hill with the small size of 1.18 inches in length and 0.78 inches in width. If you feel like easily jumping from one size to another, depending on your mood, you can tie a string to each egg around and through its drilled hole for easy pull-out. You can also decide to wear one while aroused or with the help of any oil or water-based lubricant.

Each majestic yoni egg is unique because they are carved from natural jasper stones, and polished to become smooth. It also boasts an animalistic dalmatian pattern of beige with dark spots that will fire up the inner wildness in you.

Enjoy this Wild Spot Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg anywhere you go. They are easy to clean with just running water, some soap and finally drying them well before your next use. Any clean container or small purse would do to keep these yoni eggs so you can use them as you please.

Can't wait until you own one of these? Take action and be the queen of the jungle with this Wild Spot Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg.

Color White and Black Spots Pattern
Type Yoni Egg
Material Natural Stone
Dimensions (in.)


(S) 1.18 inches (M) 1.57 inches (L) 1.77 inches


(S) 0.78 inches (M) 0.98 inches (L) 1.18 inches


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