3-pc Pussy-Awakening White Howlite Yoni Eggs



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The use of sex toys has been around to provide pleasure-seekers that enhanced the sexual experience. No wonder why more sex toys have been made available for anyone's consumption. While having many options is great, it is important to keep a few things that give you more value. Lucky for you, this 3-pc Pussy-Awakening White Howlite Yoni Eggs gives you more than just pleasure.

This set includes 3-pc Pussy-Awakening White Howlite Yoni Eggs that varies in size. The smallest has a length of 1.18 inches and a diameter of 0.78 inches. They are carved from natural stones that are believed to provide many benefits including sexual, physical and emotional transformation. These Yoni Eggs have been used in ancient times to acquire these benefits before and after sexual intercourse. These Pussy-Awakening Yoni Eggs allow you to get to know your own body while making your jewel box become stronger. Its cumulative weight of 110 grams makes it perfect for your vaginal muscles when doing Kegel Exercises. Eventually, your yoni gets used to the weight, and it will be easier for you to hold them in. You will then notice that you have more control of your body, specifically around your sweet spot, and especially during bedtime action.

Perfect for meditation, use this incredible 3-pc Pussy-Awakening White Howlite Yoni Eggs during your alone time while being comfortable. There is no other feeling than being stronger, having improved self-control and always being ready for some late night lovin'.

Make sure to properly clean your Pussy-Awakening Yoni Eggs before and after you use them. Use warm water to clean them, some anti-bacterial soap and then rinse with some running water.

Get your money's worth and start your journey of sexual awakening as soon as you lay your hands on this magnificent 3-pc Pussy-Awakening White Howlite Yoni Eggs.

Color Marbled White and Grey
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Natural Howlite Stone
Dimensions (in.)

Length 1.18 in. 1.57 in.,1.77 in

Width 0.78 in., 0.98 in., 1.18 in.


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