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Giving birth to a child is one of the extraordinary abilities of any mother. Sometimes, however, it takes a toll on them as it affects not just their behavior but also their reproductive health. They feel excruciating pain in their abdomen because of their loose pelvis.

If that is what you are experiencing, then you should get our Queen Mother of Pearls Vibrating Geisha Ball! This is the perfect solution to restore the tightness of your muscles in the vaginal wall. The Queen Mother of Pearls is made from high-grade silicone. This material is not only durable and flexible, but it is also waterproof and body-safe. It is non-porous, phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic, making it safe to insert in your body.

It features a functional design and a discreet string. The capsule-shaped form of the ball is what makes it easier to put into your pussy. You just have to apply a small amount of lube so that it easily slides through your hole.

Meanwhile, the string makes the vibrating geisha ball handy. It allows you to pull the vibrator out of your cunt without inserting your fingers. The only thing you need to do is to clean it with mild soapy water, and you can re-use it or store it once it dries.

But the primary feature of this small but incredible toy is the vibrating motor found inside the ball. Once inserted and activated by the remote, it starts moving within you. You will feel the vibration inside your vagina, which helps strengthen your pelvic muscles. As a result, it will reduce the pelvic pain caused by childbirth.

Plus, it adds excitement to your sex life! The vibration of the toy hits all your erotic spots in your body and tightens your v-hole, resulting in stronger and longer orgasms.

All this and more is what you can get from our Queen Mother of Pearls Vibrating Geisha Ball. So hit that "Add to Cart" button and enjoy the sexual benefits and sensations brought by this marvelous toy!

Color Pink, Purple
Type Vibrating Geisha Ball
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length Geisha Ball:2.95 in. Remote Control:3.54 in.
Width Geisha Ball:1.18 in. Remote Control:1.57 in.


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