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While giving birth to a child is a wonderful, unforgettable moment in a woman’s life, it can also compromise her pelvic floor. When left ignored, it could lead to more serious issues like prolapse of the bladder, urethra and other lower organs. This may sound alarming, but don’t fret as there is a helpful way of avoiding these problems.

Meet our Pelvic Muscle Toner Ben Wa Ball. A pleasurable device that will get you into doing your Kegel exercise properly and effectively. With its size and ergonomic design, it will sit snugly in your v-hole without causing any undesirable pain or discomfort.

With 10 vibration frequencies which can be easily adjusted with remote control, the Pelvic Muscle Toner Ben Wa Ball proves to be a sensational personal trainer that won’t disappoint. Rest assured that your pinky is safe as the device is made of silicone that’s known to be hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-porous.

Add to that, silicone is soft to the touch and great for starters as it’s easy to hold in. This incredible product comes in 3 popular colors: Purple, Green, and Blue.

To use, apply water-based lube on the toy, including your vagina, before you glide it in. You can go jogging, do yoga, or do some housework with this beauty in your honey pot. Feel the tingling sensations produced by the tiny balls inside the beads as you move. Just in case you need more sensual stimulation, you can always turn on the remote-controlled vibrations. With this sexy Ben Wa Ball inside you, you’re always reminded of doing your Kegel exercises with the proper contractions.

With due diligence, you’ll reap many healthful benefits of doing your Kegel workout with this pelvic muscle toner. You’ll have better bladder control, improved bowel movements, and stronger support for all your other lower organs. On the other hand, having more powerful orgasms and great sex with your partner is the icing on the cake you’ll never want to skip!

Stay fit by doing exercise and don’t forget that your pelvic muscles, too, needs some toning. So go ahead and purchase a set of Pelvic Muscle Toner Ben Wa Ball for a healthier you!

Color Purple, Green, Blue
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.4 inches
Width 6.7 inches


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