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Precious minerals are incorporated in some sex toys because of the natural energy they carry. When you want to have both the benefits of the chakra energies of a crystal with the pleasure points of a great sex toy, we introduce the Orbs of Paradise Yoni Eggs.

Our variant is made of natural tiger eye crystals. A great choice since the mineral has energies that help balance out stress and anxiety. Ben wa balls and yoni eggs in general, are used mainly to aid in the practice of Kegel exercises.

This product has a very smooth surface that will allow you to rub it in the most sensitive areas of your body during your solo time or when you have a partner to play with. The length and width of this toy are 0.8 inches, just the right size for those who consider themselves as beginner Kegel exercises practitioner.

The idea is to slip the balls or yoni eggs inside the vagina and then exert a squeezing effort to keep the ball inside the vagina even when you are doing your daily routine. This action strengthens the vaginal muscles as well as the pelvic floor muscles that control proper breathing and posture.

Toning up the vaginal walls like this will pucker it up, tightening its walls and improving blood circulation around it making it a little heightened to the sensations delivered during sex. All these amazing health benefits are just additional advantages as the toy will lovingly caress the insides of the vaginal walls making you wet and horny as you wear them.

Cleaning these balls is also a breeze as they can be washed with soap and water, dried thoroughly then stored in a cool place.

Grab these toys now and enjoy a good tiger eye crystal that you can enjoy as a sex toy!

Color Milk White
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material ABS
Dimensions (in.)
Length 0.8 inches
Width 0.8 inches


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