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Several women are having trouble reaching the pinnacle of orgasm. Either they have lost the spark, or their vagina is too dry, making it painful for women to experience sexual pleasure. Good thing there's a solution to this sexual problem. You just need to get the Keep It Cumming Vibrating Ben Wa Ball Set. This kit will, indeed, keep you cumming.

Our Keep It Cumming Vibrating Ben Wa Ball Set consists of two weighted balls with handles, in which one has a single ball while the other one has dual balls.

The exterior part of the balls and their handles are made from premium silicone. This material has been used for creating sex toys because of its flexibility and durability, but those are not the only features that it has to offer. Silicone is also body-safe for it is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and phthalate-free. It is also waterproof, which means you can use them, even when you are wet.

But the best thing about our Keep It Cumming Vibrating Ben Wa Ball Set is the metal balls within each silicone-based ben wa ball. These metal balls stimulate the vaginal muscles once the Kegel ball is inside your love tunnel. They collide back and forth inside the ben wa balls during training or whenever you move; therefore, creating a mild impact force.

This subtle collision will define and tone the muscles. So the more it hits and touches your vaginal wall, the stronger and tighter it gets; hence, the more cum you release.

However, it does not only benefit you but your spouse too! Most men love to screw a tight v-hole as it adds pleasure to them. They like the feeling of getting their dicks throttled as they thrust into your body, causing them to cum more.

Indeed, our Vibrating Ben Wa Ball Set is the perfect choice to help you reach your climax. What are you waiting for? Get this marvelous ben wa ball kit and have a cum-exploding sexual night with your partner!

Color Pink
Type Weighted Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length Singular Ball: 4.78 in. Dual Balls: 5.92 in.
Width Singular Ball: 1.35 in. Dual Balls: 1.2 in.


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