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Remember the first time you had sex? It was painful, yet the orgasm was deep and profound. Now all you can do is wish you could experience the same intensity of climax. Or, is it really possible to recover what was lost? Wish granted!

Meet Lure of Pearls Duo-Tone Kegel Geisha Balls, a set of balls meant for a pleasurable Kegel workout to strengthen the pelvic and vaginal muscles. Inside each ball is a smaller ball that jiggles and vibrates when you move, sending you mild, yet sublime sensations. The balls are soft to the touch and are hypoallergenic since they’re made of top-grade silicone.

The kit comes with a single ball and a double-ball cord for more efficient training. For starters, use the lightest ball first then progress to the heavier ones later on. Once you’ve trained yourself with one ball at a time, level up to using two balls. Follow the same progression concept when combining the balls: Begin from light to heavy combinations of balls.

This personal kit Kegel trainer proves to be a great asset as it lures and motivates you to do your workout regularly. To use, apply water-based lube on the Geisha ball and don’t forget to put some in your vagina as well.

How much lube?

Well, just enough to easily glide it into your v-hole but shouldn’t be too much to hold it in. Once inside, contract your inner muscles for 10 seconds then relax. Remember, your goal is to prevent the Geisha ball from sliding out.

Within weeks, you’ll see significant improvements, and months after, you’ll have a stronger pelvic floor. Say goodbye to embarrassing leaks! With firmer pelvic muscles, you’ll have better bladder control and have more solid support for your other lower organs.

The icing of the cake is a tight pussy that guarantees mind-blowing orgasms. Drive your partner crazy with immense pleasure, and he’ll worship you as a sex goddess.

Buy a set of Lure of Pearls Kegel Geisha Balls to a healthier, sexier you!

Color Rose
Type Geisha Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length NA
Width Ball diameter: 1.18 inches


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