Age-defying Pussy Ben Wa Ball



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If you are looking for a more dynamic experience that you can play around with, then this Age-defying Pussy Ben Wa Ball is your new best friend. It may look small but what's inside is what you need to focus on. Get ready for three levels of excitement!

From the outside, this pink love ball wrapped in a soft medical-grade silicone measures 1.29 inch in diameter. But this bad boy has a little secret it wants to share with you. Depending on your mood, you can add an internal ball with sizes of small, medium or large to choose from. The bigger the ball you insert, the heavier vibrations it creates when you move. So, no matter what your climate is for the day, you can take control of your pleasure any time desire.

Now that you got to know more about this Age-defying Pussy Ben Wa Ball, it's time for you to enjoy it with utmost comfort. First, it is important to ensure that your Ben Wa Ball is clean before you enjoy it. Then you may put the size of the internal ball that you prefer. Next, apply some lube of any type to help in smooth penetration. Then you can finally relax in bed, take a few deep breaths and feel your muscles start to relax until you are fully relaxed down there. When you are ready, slowly push the smaller end until it slides in your vagina. Once done, make a few movements until it feels comfortable. Finally, you may start with your Kegel Exercise or just get on with your day.

Do you now see how easy this is? It's just going to get easier! Clean your Age-defying Pussy Ben Wa Ball by running some water over it, soaking it with some anti-bacterial soap and finally air-drying it. Keep it in a clean container for your next use.

There is not a perfect timing to get this Age-defying Pussy Ben Wa Ball

Color Pink
Type Ben Wa Ball
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length N/A
Width 1.29 inch (external), .19 inch .70 inch, .86 inch (balls)


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