Lusty Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, 1 pc



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Your vagina is a sweet spot where different energies flow, so it is only appropriate to take care of it. There are different ways to nurture your precious gem, but one particular technique is a favorite of many women. Kegel Exercise is done by alternately contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles. As a result, it develops your muscles down there to become stronger. This results in better bladder control and rectum control. It also helps in better blood circulation around that area which helps in reaching quality orgasms faster.

The use of yoni eggs has been a secret during ancient times in China, but it is now becoming more popular in the present time. Wearing this Lusty Rose Quartz Yoni Egg while performing Kegel exercise provides benefits twice as compared to just doing the Kegel exercise. The added weight of the yoni egg challenges your muscles and make them even stronger. Good thing that this Lusty Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is of large size that measures 1.77 inches in length and 1.18 inches in width is perfect for beginner users. Each yoni egg is carefully carved to achieve that smooth feel and elegant look of rose pink.

This Lusty Rose Quartz Yoni Egg must really be on top of your list when choosing a yoni egg. When you get your hands on this beauty, make sure to clean it with some running water, some anti-bacterial soap, and dry it up. Always keep it in a sterilized container or any clean cloth bag so you can take its magic with you whenever and wherever.

There is no perfect time to get this Lusty Rose Quartz Yoni Egg but now. Don't fight that voice inside you and start leveraging the power of this gift of nature.

Color Pink
Type Yoni Egg
Material Rose Quartz
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.77 inches
Width 1.18 inches


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