Dragon Bloodstone Yoni Egg



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Our Dragon Blood Stone Yoni Egg is crafted from a high-quality natural Dragonstone. Its design symbolizes the attraction of good fortune and great love. So, don't doubt this amazing connection you have with this yoni egg and get to know it better.

This beginner-friendly Dragon Blood Stone Yoni egg boasts a size of 1.77 inches in length and 1.18 inches in width. These are the perfect dimensions for anyone who is trying to explore this journey. If you are captivated by its color, that is because your vibrations are in sync with the energy of this Dragon Blood Stone Yoni Egg. Dragon bloodstones are believed to resonate many positive energies, that's why they are mostly used for healing by many people. Each yoni egg was carefully carved from precious stones to ensure its smoothness.

Kegel exercise has brought so many health and sexual benefits to a lot of women, and if you pair it with one of these Dragon Blood Stone Yoni eggs, the results become way better. Adding extra weight to your pelvic floor muscles is like doing bicep curls. The more you practice holding in a yoni egg, the more they become stronger. Healthy pelvic muscles mean great bladder control. This Dragon Blood Stone Yoni egg also moves with you while you wear them, and when they slide against your vaginal walls, it gives you subtle pleasure that you will surely enjoy. Perfect for sexual stimulation if you are getting ready for a night filled with lovemaking action.

Don't worry about cleaning this Dragon Blood Stone Yoni Egg. Some warm water, anti-bacterial soap, and air drying will always do the magic. You can always keep your precious yoni egg in a clean container or use the beautiful wood stand that comes with the package.

Now, open your arms wide open and embrace the magic of this Dragon Blood Stone Yoni Egg.

Color Green and Red Marble
Type Yoni Egg
Material Dragon Blood Stone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.77 inches
Width 1.18 inches


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