Hi-Tech Cutie Angry Bird Kegel Ball



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Horny but single? The big question is, who will scratch your itch? If there’s no WHO, then WHAT will suffice. Meet Hi-Tech Cutie Angry Bird Kegel Ball. It’s a great companion for ladies wanting to have deep, powerful orgasms every now and then while toning their pelvic and vaginal muscles.

By the looks of it, it’s specially made with your sensual bliss in mind. Every part of this angry bird is meant to stimulate all the critical spots to get your pussy fully gratified day in and day out. You see, the angry bird’s tail tilts to tickle your clit while the wave bulges on its back deliver the perfect stimulation for your G-spot, not to mention the rounded head with the beak for intense vibration.

Made of silicone, it’s smooth and soft, ideal for a beginner like you. The handy size offers better grip and handling during playtime. Offered in two versions - regular and APP, this type of Kegel ball is setting new trends.

The APP version allows you to control and adjust the setting with your smartphone. Making it possible for couples to surprise each other during foreplay. Its high-tech feature doesn’t stop there. Geared with 3 levels of vibration, it provides novel and exciting ways to control or adjust the levels.

If you or your partner is highly verbal, use the voice-activated mode, and the vibration will depend on how loud or soft the voice is. The hand-drawn mode brings out the artist in you. Draw lines (straight or wavy) and shapes to explore your pleasure zones. Next is the video vibration mode which transforms the stored videos in your phone into vibrations.

It just gets more interesting, isn’t it? If your partner is kinesthetic, then let him use the shake mode—the faster he shakes the phone, the more intense the vibrations are. Fantastic!

With your clitoris and G-spot getting stimulated at the same time, there’s no doubt you’re in for a long haul of orgasm after orgasm after orgasm…

The Hi-Tech Cutie Angry Bird Kegel Ball guarantees a healthy pelvic bone and unrivaled pleasure which proves enough that it is a wise purchase. Add it to your shopping cart now, and it will soon be delivered at your doorstep.

Color Yellow
Type Kegel Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 3.5 inches
Width 1.5 inches


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