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If you seek pleasure while enjoying some health benefits, then you have come to the right place. This Thrust me Vagina Vibrating Ben Wa Ball may surprise you with its benefits that you can enjoy. Let's get one thing straight, your vagina is a muscle. Just like any other muscle, its function is for movement. And yes, they need some workout too! It basically trains your muscles to be stronger while you hold them in. Firmer and stronger sweet spot? Why not!

Let's talk about pleasure. This Thrust me Vagina Vibrating Ben Wa Ball is an all-in-one pleasure giver. Its design showcases medical-grade rubbers wrapped around the balls that is very soft to the touch. That's not all, each ball contains smaller metal balls that move along with you. You will certainly enjoy every subtle vibration that it gives you in every move.

Some would wear these amazing Ben Wa Balls when they go out for a few hours, especially if they have something planned for the night. Every move you make is like a preparation for a grand performance which gradually increases your sexual appetite. And when the time is right, let go of them but be ready to take more in as you make love with your partner.

If you are just new to these fantastic Ben Wa Balls, then Thrust me Vagina Vibrating Ben Wa Ball is perfect for you as each ball only measures 1.57 inches and 3.77 inches in total length.

Get ready for the next day and easily clean them by soaking them in warm or cold water, some soap and make sure to dry them up. Find a container to place them in to keep its cleanliness.

Got a love playroom? Don't forget to add this to your collection to get an instant boost to your kinky games with your partner.

Color Random Color
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Plastic
Dimensions (in.)
Length 3.77 inches, 1.57 inches each ball
Width 1.57 inches


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