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We all have sexual fantasies and desires, and of course, we want to fulfill them. Sometimes, your partner's manhood is not enough to make you climax. Good thing there are butt plugs and vibrating Kegel balls that can satisfy your sexual needs whether its anal and vaginal intercourse.

But why buy two sex toys when you can get their benefits on one item? Introducing our Great Balls of Vibration Kegel Exerciser! This innovative sex toy is the perfect solution for all your sexual cravings.

The product may look like a discreet toy, but it works wonders once inserted into your ass or pussy. It has six-speed vibration frequencies that let you experience different sensations when the vibrating ball is on. So the stronger the vibration, the faster it moves into your body; thus, the more cum you release.

It also has a remote control connected to the stringed geisha balls. This tool lets you adjust the power and speed of the vibrator once you turn it on. Furthermore, it ensures safe anal and vaginal play. The size of the remote is bigger than your butt and pussy holes to prevent the balls from getting inserted fully into your body.

It also helps to remove the eggs easily. This way, you don't have to use your hands to take the Kegel balls out of your cunt or ass.

Our Great Balls of Vibration Kegel Exerciser is made from ABS plastic and silicone. This means that the toy is body-safe and waterproof. It doesn't cause irritation to your genital parts, and you can use it while taking a shower. Just don't forget to clean it before and after using it.

Our Great Balls of Vibration Kegel Exerciser is sure to bring fun and excitement to your sex play. Your sex routines have never been more satisfying than this!

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Color Purple, Pink
Type Vibrating Geisha Ball
Material Silicone + ABS
Dimensions (in.)
Length 10.4 inches
Width 0.8 inches


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