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The body is such a complex set of functions that it is very difficult to find what will completely satisfy it. Exploring your body and honing what you already have is very important in finding satisfaction especially in looking for the best sex toy for you.

The Shivers of Passion Golden Balls will be a great guide for you to discover your sensual side. This toy is made of plastic with a golden finish for a little touch of nice in your naughty play. These balls have a diameter of 1.26 inches, a nice dimension for you to have easy insertion and at the same time enjoy the feeling of fullness that can massage your vaginal walls.

This toy should be inserted in the vag when you are in a relaxed position and with help of water-soluble lubrication. You can insert it using your finger, or with the help of your partner for a great kinky time. You should be able to keep these balls inside the vagina even when you are standing or walking through engaging your pelvic floor muscles. Through this, you are developing and activating these important group of ligaments that are essential in your breathing and posture functions. This is also good for post-baby moms that want to tuck in some of their baby tummies.

Aside from all these health benefits, you are also massaging your G-spot getting aroused with every movement. If you also want to be a little extra, this variant of kegel balls can double as a vibrator. Yes, that is right, this toy is attached to a controller where you can adjust the intensity of the vibration whenever you like.

It's time to discover that passion inside you with these golden balls, grab them now!
Color Gold
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Plastic ( ABS)
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.26 inches
Width 1.26 inches


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