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This Five Balls of Lust is here to grant your desires that you have been keeping for so long. Allow yourself to be excited because you just have taken the first step, come through and see what's in store for you.

You don't need to hide in your closet and just be confident in all aspects of your womanhood, be it your sexual preference, your beliefs and of course, your own body. A lot of women have embraced the practice of Kegel exercise because of its benefits, and you should, too. You have probably read the long list of benefits and have come across the use of Ben Wa Balls and how it helps in the process. Adding a little weight to your pelvic floor muscles will push them to their limit and eventually grow stronger. This Five Balls of Lust not only adds that added weight but also jumpstarts your lust for you and your lover to enjoy.

Our beautifully crafted Five Balls of Lust boasts that silver finish that's complemented well by a red rope. There is a total of five medical-grade stainless steel balls that are tied side by side to each other. Each ball measures 0.98 inches, and it's what makes up the total length of 9.44 inches in length including the rope.

Applying a high-quality lubricant on the balls before sliding them in your pussy will elevate the experience a lot. Once they are inside you, continue with your regular Kegel exercise routine or go on with your day. Aside from stronger pelvic muscles, you will feel that your lust for a long and incredible orgasm is ready to explode which is both best enjoyed alone or with your partner.

You have come this far so don't let this opportunity pass and get one of these Five Balls of Lust now.

Color Silver
Type Ben Wa Balls with String
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 9.44 inches
Width 0.98 inches


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