Deep Penetration Vibrating Ben wa Ball



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Choosing the right sex toy for you and your partner can sometimes be very taxing and a bit overwhelming. There are so many available toys in the market that sometimes, you feel like you need to have everything to have that specific kind of experience.

The Deep Penetration Vibrating Ben wa Ball is a combination of all the good things a good sex toy can offer and more! It features a silicone ball with a length of 2.2 inches and a diameter of an inch which you can use to practice your kegel routine, this can also vibrate for that added sensual pressure inside your vag.

This variant also has a finger vibrator which can be used to touch the sensitive areas of your body while you masturbate or while your partner is giving you good oral play. And, last but not the least, this comes with a separate controller that you can use to upgrade your whole sex game.

Kegel exercises are the most natural way to pucker up your twat to that nice, tight pussy you and your partner wants to have. You will start by washing your hand and the ball before you lather it with water-soluble lubricant for easy insertion. Then you can lie down and insert the ball using your fingers.

With the use of a nice egg, you will be able to exert greater effort in tightening those walls as you try to control the egg from not falling down the vagina. Through this, you are also toning up the pelvic floor muscles that control vital functions such as posture and breathing.

Kegel exercises will increase blood flow on the vaginal area which in turn will tighten the v-hole and improve sensations during sex giving you stronger orgasms! So be bold and try on this amazing set of toys now, you can thank us later!

Color Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Ball - 2.24 inches,

Finger vibrator - 1.57 inches,

Controller - 2.17 inches


Ball - 0.98 inches,

Finger vibrator - 1.5 inches,

Controller - 0.8 inches


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