Fill Me In Natural Crinoid Fossil Jasper Yoni Egg



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Not everyone wants to put innovative sex toys into their pussies. Some people prefer the classic yet still powerful toys as they are more massive than the new ones.

If you are one of those people, you should try our Fill Me In Natural Crinoid Fossil Jasper Yoni Egg. This antique sex toy can meet all your sexual desires and is ideal for Kegel exercise routines.

The eggs are made of crinoid fossil jasper, a stone used in ancient times for creating gemstones and ornaments. However, it has many purposes, and one of which is promoting sexual health. It gently stimulates your well-being, which enhances your stamina.

Not only that; this material is hard and heavy, which makes it ideal for sexual stimulation and pelvic training. The weight of this Fill Me In Jasper Ben Wa Ball gives you the fullness sensation in your vagina, causing you to cum more.

The hardness of the egg, on the other hand, strengthens your pelvis. The egg rolls around your pelvic floor once inserted into your v-hole. To keep it in the same position, you need to control its movement by holding the ben wa ball in place using your pelvic muscles.

Repeating this process ten times thrice a week can toughen your pelvic floor, resulting in tightening your love tunnel. This change does not only benefit you but your man too! Men like banging a tight pussy because they want to feel their dicks getting throttled whenever they thrust into their partner's love tunnel.

Plus, it gives you control on your urinary bladder. It prevents urinary inconsistency since your tight pelvis can support your gall bladder once again.

So why get a pricey and innovative sex toy when you can get all these benefits and more with our Fill Me In Natural Crinoid Fossil Jasper Yoni Egg? We guarantee you; it will fulfill all your sexual desires once you put it inside you!

Color The stone is made from natural stone, so every piece is unique
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Natural Tiger Eye Stone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.77 inches
Width 1.18 inches


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