Spear of Desire Vibrating Ben Wa Ball



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Experience royalty while being fancy with this Spear of Desire Vibrating Ben Wa Ball. This treasure is coming from the land of pleasure, and it's ready to invade the walls of your kingdom. Its shiny metallic purple finish will capture your eyes, and you will never expect what's coming next.

Our Spear of Desire Vibrating Ben Wa Ball got a couple of tricks inside its sleeve. It is water-proof so it's coming with you in the shower. Every piece is wrapped in medical-grade silicone, so it's guaranteed safe. It also recognizes you as one true Queen so you can rule up to 20 vibrate modes using the tiny remote that comes with it. Perform every Kegel exercise routine while this bad boy is inside you and boost every sensation in every press of that remote. There is also no stopping its power because it’s fully re-chargeable using a USB cable.

Its total size length of 5.66 inches in length and 1.37 inches in width is just right to penetrate your pleasure walls that's why this Spear of Desire Vibrating Ben Wa Ball is truly fit for a queen. You wouldn't get in the way of its invasion, so you'll use any water or oil-based lubricant to help.

Maintain its beauty by keeping your Spear of Desire Vibrating Ben Wa Ball clean. Just use some running water, some anti-bacterial soap and make sure it's wiped dry. Keep it in a clean storage box or small purse so you can take it to your every journey and use it any time you need its services.

Don't wait until you lose your crown, get your very own Spear of Desire Vibrating Ben Wa Ball and rule the pleasure inside your body. Do you know someone who needs this? Come on! It's a perfect gift.

Color Metallic Purple
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Ball
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 5.66 inches
Width 1.37 inches


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