Natural Rose Quartz Ben Wa Ball



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Women go through a lot of stress daily, and they deserve anything that can make them feel better. So, whenever there is an opportunity to attract positive energy while exhaling the negativity, women must always find a way to take advantage of it. So let this Natural Rose Quartz Ben Wa Ball synchronize your body to the universe, and attract positive vibrations.

Fusing pleasure and meditation is something that many people have been practicing for a long time now. The female organ is a window to different types of energy. It is powerful that when paired with quartz, it can even unlock a whole new level of potential. This Natural Rose Quartz Ben Wa Ball is effective in unblocking energy tunnels. This allows your body to attract positive types of energy that can give you health and sexual benefits, among others.

Take time to get to know your Natural Rose Quartz Ben Wa Ball once you have it in your hands. Do a spiritual cleaning by holding it while meditating. Its beautiful color of pink emanates the gentle energy of love. Stare at it, and you will find yourself captivated, slowly immersing to a different dimension where joy, pleasure, and positivity prevail. For standard cleaning, using warm water and some soap is the best. Let water, an element in its purest form, prepare your Natural Rose Quartz Ben Wa Ball for awakening.

For beginners, it is advisable to go for the large variant with 1.77 inches in length and 1.18 in width. The medium variant measures 1.57 inches in length and 0.98 inches in width, which is perfect for experienced users. Its drilled design allows you to use strings for easy removal if that's what you prefer.

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Color Pink
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Natural Rose Quartz
Dimensions (in.)


(M) 1.57 inches (L) 1.77 inches


(M) 0.98 inches (L) 1.18 inches


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