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Most women are wary of having loose vaginal muscles after giving birth. Aging and menopause are also primary contributing factors that make the vagina lose its tightness. Being so concerned about a vagina being loose is not uncommon. In fact, every woman who had given birth and matured wishes that her fully-bloomed flower is still as tight and as firm, as it used to be when it was just a bud.

If you’re one of those women who feel that your vagina has lost its elasticity, most likely you’ll feel less confident about your sexuality, and this could be detrimental to your relationship with your spouse or partner. Don’t allow this to happen. Gain your confidence back with this Pussy-licious Vibrating Ben Wa Ball.

This Pussy-licious Vibrating Ben Wa Ball is specially designed to keep your precious flower healthy, tight, and happy. It’s a device used to perform Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor which in turn will give you the desired vagina tightness. A strong pelvic floor is crucial as it prevents incontinence and provides support to your lower organs.

Although it will not necessarily bring back your pussy to its “virgin” state, you and your partner will notice the difference: Sex will be as pleasurable as it used to be because you can again enjoy feeling his dong grinding in and out. His knees, on the other hand, will melt with pleasure as his cock gets the perfect squeeze from your firm cunt.

Equipped with remote control and 3 vibration frequencies, this wireless female sex toy will take your sensual experience to the next level. Let your partner take control and surprise you by shifting from one vibration setting to another. Its 1.4 inch diameter size makes it easy to hold it in so you can go shopping while secretly doing your Kegels. Afraid it might fall off in public? The silicone material usually stays in place, but for your peace of mind, practice first at home as you do your chores.

Make your commitment to having a healthier, kinkier vagina by asking him to insert or retrieve it for you! Have him lick your cunt while it’s still inside and you’ll be begging for more!

Enough of the “hit or miss” as this Ben Wa Ball always hits the G-spot without missing a beat. Place your order now and get amazed!

Color Pink, Purple
Type Ben Wa Ball
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.5 inches
Width 1.4 inches


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