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Kegel exercise provides many health benefits to women. It can prevent urinary incontinence, makes your pelvic muscles stronger after pregnancy, and increased sex drive. But with the help of this Center of Vagina Yoni Egg, all those benefits are amplified for you.

Each yoni egg was carefully hand carved from beautiful natural stones. It's marbling of green, pink, and dark tones will enthrall anyone who looks at it. The size is also perfect for well-experienced users as it measures 1.18 inches in length and 0.78 inches in width. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the drilled or non-drilled variants. The drilled variant is best for women who prefer their yoni eggs tied with a string for hassle-free pull-out. This Center of Vagina Yoni Egg may be small, but it's perfect to get those pelvic muscles to work. The frequency of using this amazing yoni egg is totally up to you. You may use them during your quick Kegel exercise sessions or wear them while doing some errands during the day. You will be surprised by how each movement can make you feel, and the only thing you'll want after a day of wearing it is to have wild steamy sex with your partner or some alone time between the sheets.

Take this magnificent Center of Vagina Yoni Egg with you wherever you go. Its size makes it easy to keep, so if you are feeling a little naughty, slide it in and enjoy. When you are done, a hassle-free cleaning procedure will make you love this even more. Just use some water, anti-bacterial soap, and air dry it before keeping it in your clean container.

Don't let this opportunity pass by and get yourself a Center of Vagina Yoni Egg today and start reaping all its worthy benefits.

Color Green and Pink Marble
Type Yoni Egg
Material Natural Unakite
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.18 inches
Width 0.78 inches


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