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Having a loose pelvis can take a toll on women. It can affect her urinary bladder as well as her interest in sex. Good thing there is a solution for such problems, and that is the Arm Candy Kegel Exercise Stimulator!

This is the perfect tool to strengthen your pelvis.

The Arm Candy Kegel Exercising kit is composed of four vibrant colored geisha balls and a durable yet discreet handle. All these items are made from medical silicone, which means they are body-safe and durable.

The colorful geisha balls are the star of the show. These interchangeable balls help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Once inserted, they roll around the vaginal wall freely. This can stimulate your sex drive, but if you want to toughen your pelvic floor, you have to control its movement using your vaginal wall.

Repeating this exercise several times a day can tighten your pelvis and v-hole in no time. As a result, it eliminates— if not reduces— the pelvic pain caused by childbirth and gives you control over your bladder. The best part? It makes your sex routines more exciting!

The balls can act as a vibrator as you thrust them inside you using the handle. As you push the ben wa balls deeper and faster, they can hit all your erogenous zones, making you cum more!

That's not all; you can also use the Arm Candy Stimulator as a massager. Swirl the balls around your nipples and your clit to arouse your libido before inserting it into your cunt. Doing so will intensify your orgasm.

Our Arm Candy Kegel Exercise Stimulator is sure to level up your sexual health and experience. Your sex routines have never been this arousing and pleasing at the same time!

Color Handle: Violet Balls: White, Hot Pink, Blue-Green
Type Geisha Balls
Material Medical Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.24 in.
Width 1.17 in.


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