Love-Pole Colored Ben Wa Ball



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Swim upon a pond of orgasm with this Love-Pole Colored Ben Wa Ball. This sex toy is what you need to turn your dry land into a puddle of hot goo.

The Love-Pole Colored Kegel Ball is built in two ways: with a single ball and with two balls attached together. Both types provide a comfortable fit and easy penetration as the tip of each ball is designed with a tapered end. They also have handles that allow easy retrieval. All you have to do is carefully pull the grip, and the ball(s) will come out!

Aside from that, these balls offer different stages of pleasure. The single Kegel ball is ideal for newbies. It lets you adapt to the weight of the ball and use the right muscles to control it.

Meanwhile, the dual Ben Wa Balls are perfect for hardcore users. Since there are two balls inside you, you can test your limit and level up your satisfaction.

But the best feature of this Kegel exercise aid is the metal balls inside them. These tiny alloy balls enhance your sexual experience as they collide into the inner part of the Ben Wa Balls whenever you move. This creates a mild impact force that causes your pelvic floor muscles to harden. As a result, it arouses your senses and adds moisture to your pussy.

However, this reaction of your body meets not only your sexual satisfaction but also your partner's. Once the pelvic floor muscles begin to toughen up, your vaginal entrance tightens, which excites your man—because who doesn't want to fuck a tight pussy, right?

For these reasons, the Love-Pole Ben Wa Ball is your perfect choice to level up your sexperiences. Your erotic nights will never be the same again when you get our Love-Pole Colored Ben Wa Ball.

Color Purple, Pink, Sky Blue
Type Weighted Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length Singular Ball: 5.7 in. Dual Balls: 8.07 in.
Width Singular Ball: 1.37 in. Dual Balls: 1.25 in.
Weight Singular Ball: 44 g. Dual Balls: 68 g.


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