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Enhance your sexual experience and reproductive health with our Pleasure Adventure Vibrating Kegel Balls! This sex toy is marvelous from top to bottom, thanks to its remarkable features!

Our Pleasure Adventure Kegel Balls offer three rechargeable vibrators. Each tool may have different designs, but they all have the same vibrating motors inside. This motor features eight vibration frequencies that let you experience different sensations.

But unlike other vibrators, this one does not have a remote control or a button to turn it on or adjust its power. You just have to squeeze the toy lightly to activate the vibration. Therefore, the harder you press it, the stronger the vibration will be.

If you are done using the balls, all you have to do is release the squeeze, and it will automatically turn off.

Our Pleasure Adventure Vibrating Balls are made for one strengthen your pelvis. This part is found between the abdomen and the legs. It supports the urinary bladder and is also where the fetus passes through before it comes out of the vagina.

When this part becomes loose due to childbirth, it brings discomfort to your body and affects your urinary consistency.

With our Pleasure Adventure Balls, these health issues will be solved! These Kegel balls help to restore the condition of your pelvis by letting you control its movement and massaging your vaginal walls. As a result, it tightens your pussy; hence, preventing urinary inconsistency and reducing pelvic pain.

As an added bonus, our Pleasure Adventure Kegel Balls can enhance your sexual experience. Since they restore the tightness of your cunt, you will feel every thrust that your partner makes, causing you to cum more. It can also excite your man during sex as you squeeze his manhood inside you.

Indeed, our Pleasure Adventure Vibrating Kegel Balls are the perfect choice to improve your sexual health and to take your sexual experience to new heights. What are you waiting for? Buy one now!

Color Pink, Green, Blue
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length N/A
Width N/A


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