Lucy's Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls



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Bust in with your deepest and darkest desires with the Lucy’s Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls!

The Lucy's Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls feature three different colors you can choose from - pink, purple, and black. They resemble morning stars, medieval clubs with a spiked head. Similarly, the Lucy's Morningstars have knobs on their head. But instead of inflicting pain, they cause immense pleasure. They are weapons of masturbation!

Forged from high-grade silicone, the Lucy's Morningstars are hypoallergenic and free from BPA, phthalate, dioxin, and latex. This makes them perfectly safe for you to handle in your vaginal training. Their materials are also non-porous which prevents them from housing harmful bacteria. Defend your hidden treasures!

Depending on your mood, choose from the different colors of the Lucy's Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls to start your pelvic floor muscle training. Make sure to lubricate before you thrust it inside. Hold it down for 10 to 20 minutes a day. You can easily incorporate your skirmish in your daily activities - resting at home, shopping at the supermarket, jogging at the park, or even while working out at the gym. Hit yourself with pleasure!

Recommended by doctors, the Lucy's Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls can hone you to have a stronger and tighter vagina. After a few sessions, you will have stronger pelvic floor muscles. This will improve your bladder control, prevent vaginal prolapse, and prepare you for your sexual adventures. Fortify your luscious pleasure zone!

After you're done sparring, remove the Lucy's Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls by the handle. You can clean it using rubbing alcohol or cleaning fluid. Wipe it clean and store it in a cool, dry place until your next bout.

Become a sex warrior with your own Lucy's Morningstar Silicone Kegel Balls!

Color Black; Purple; Pink (random)
Type Kegel Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.9 in
Width 1.6 in


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