Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls



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Go nuts with the Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls!

The Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls consist of four similarly sized balls with varying weights. They each have a soft acorn head with a long stem. You will also go nuts with the different shades of pink - the darker shades are heavier. You can hang them in a display when you're not using them. No one will know how these nuts crack you up in pleasure!

Made from high-quality medical silicone, the Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls are completely free of phthalate, latex, BPA, and, of course, nuts! Each of the four Nutcracker has a different weight starting from 20g to 35g in 5g intervals. They're all safe for nut allergies!

Before you plant the Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls inside you, you can roast or chill them for additional sensation. Bury them inside you and keep it in for your 30-minute daily vaginal exercises. Start your nutty sessions with the lightest Nutcracker and slowly move up as your vagina gets stronger. With its size, you can nut up wherever and whenever you are!

After some time of burrowing the Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls in you, you will feel it crack your pelvic floor muscles into better shape. You will have firmer and tighter vaginal control. As a result, you will improve your bladder control, prepare better for giving birth, and enhance your sexual experience with your partner. You will surely bust his nuts!

Once you're done heating the Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls in your vagina, pull it out by its stem. Wash it in warm water and mild soap. Be careful not to scratch it while washing. Afterward, dry it up and keep it away from direct sunlight so it doesn't get burned until your next nutcracking session.

It's time to be nutty with your own Nutcracker Silicone Kegel Balls!

Color Light Pink; Pink; Dark Pink; Purple
Type Kegel Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 5.7 in
Width 1.1 in
Weight 20 gms., 25 gms., 30 gms., 35 gms.


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