Eve’s Glorious Crystal Geisha Ball



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Want him harder and harder? Then make it tighter and tighter.

Meet Eve’s Glorious Crystal Geisha Ball. Your vagina’s great companion for performing effective, pleasurable Kegel exercise that’s meant to strengthen and tone your vaginal and pelvic muscles.

Eve’s Glorious Crystal Geisha Ball boasts an excellent glass build that’s safe to go inside you. It comes with a metal string for easy retrieval. Compatible with any sex toy lubricant available on the market, it allows you to choose the one that suits your delicate flower. To use, apply just enough lube to glide it in but not too much to make sure you’re able to hold it in. Once inside you, don’t forget to contract your vaginal muscles. When you feel it’s about to fall out, suck it back in by trying to squeeze it. Having this little piece of beauty in you is a reminder of your feminine power and grace.

With a 2 cm-sized ball, it’s ideal for the advanced user. Doing Kegel exercises regularly with this spherical glass will make your holed-gem firmer and stronger. Reap a multitude of benefits when you have achieved toned vaginal and pelvic muscles. No more will you have to deal with leakage problems when you laugh or sneeze. As you can see, it makes your reproductive organ sound and healthy.

The restored “tightness” also helps you regain your sexual confidence, making you more desirable, sexier, and more alluring. Thanks to Eve’s Glorious Crystal Geisha Ball, you’ll be able to hold his phallic object tighter again, and you’ll feel deep, compelling sensations as he robustly grinds in and out of your v-hole.

Revel in the crashing orgasms as if you were a virgin. For sure, your man can’t help getting addicted to having sex with you, and he’ll do whatever it takes to have you again and again. Experience the intense friction, stimulation, and desire like you’ve never had them before.

Restore the tightness of your honey pot to make him hard as you please. Buy Eve’s Glorious Crystal Geisha Ball and see the difference.

Color Transparent
Type Geisha Balls
Material Glass
Dimensions (in.)
Length NA
Width Ball diameters - 0.8 and 1.2 inches


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