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It’s time to intensify your sex game with our big shiny red beads ben wa balls. Have things been going dry in the bedroom with your lover? Do you want to experiment with new things to spice up things? Our Daddy's Big Red Ben Wa Balls are the answer.

Ben Wa Balls are designed to strengthen vagina muscles so you can have a more intimate experience in the bedroom with your significant other. Mothers who have recently given birth often lose their sexual appetite, which leaves their husbands hanging.

Ben Wa Balls massage your vaginal walls, and this isn’t only beneficial to your health, but the sensation is also linked to intense sexual arousal. If you’ve been feeling kind of low with your sex drive, our big red ben wa balls are the answer.

We have created our Daddy's Big Red Ben Wa Balls with ABS, and its texture is consistently smooth. This delivers a comfortable experience for you, this is perfect for intermediate and advanced users. It also helps that its diameter size is only 3cm (1.18 inches).

Time to switch it up with your masturbation game, even if you’re a solo player, your experience will absolutely be heaven, achieving an orgasmic climax is easier with our red ben wa ball. This is not only intended for women use, but men can also very much use this to fulfill their sexual desires. Our Daddy's Big Red Ben Wa Balls inserts smoothly into your vagina or anus for maximum pleasure.

Our big shiny red beads have four similar balls; however, they deliver different stimuli. You can use this for your vagina or your anus. The best part of this whole experience is when you pull the ring out of your hole, it gives you a whole new feeling of excitement.

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Color Balls - Red, String - Black, Pull Ring - Silver
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material ABS
Dimensions (in.)
Length n/a


Balls Diameter - 1.18 inches

Pull Ring - 1.5 inches


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