Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls



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Milk White, or an enticing Wine Red colored Ben Wa Ball, our Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls can put on a show for you and your partner that would put Mia Khalifa to Shame.

It’s time to unleash your wild inner side, outclass Anastasia Steele, and make your partner feel like the new Christian Grey of this era. Our Ben Wa Balls are meticulously designed by the pros for a healthy dose of pelvic floor muscle workouts.

Make sure to use your preferred lubrication to ease these balls inside your vajayjay. This is perfect for both beginners and advanced ben wa ball users as our 7-Bead Anal Ben Wa Ball has the diameter of 2.5 cm (0.98 inches).

If you’re diving into a whole new territory for you, lie down on your bed, and slowly insert our Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls into your vagina. Savor the glorious moment when our smooth Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls eases into your opening.

Tense your leg muscles to securely hold the ben wa balls inside your vagina, and then you can start working up those pelvic muscles to achieve a more intense orgasmic experience. As soon as they’re in place, you’re free to move around as much as you like. Plug your stereos in, play your favorite Bruno Mars song, and uptown funk yourself to orgasmic pleasure.

Use our Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls anywhere! Turn your boring errand run into an exciting trip to the local grocery store. Wear our Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls during your summer escapade, turn your normal day at the beach into an intense walking pleasure by the shore.

Do you know what the best part is? No one needs to know that you’re wearing one! It can be your dirty little secret. Go ahead and order our Flirtatious 7-Bead Ben Wa Balls now!

Color Wine Red, Milk White
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Plastic
Dimensions (in.)
Length Total Length - n/a
Width Bead Diameter - 0.98 inches


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