Ben Wa balls are small round-shaped devices that can be purchased singly or in pairs, and they can be made out of numerous types of materials. You might have heard of them under a variety of names, such as vagina balls, love balls, geisha balls, kegel balls, and many more. The balls are used by women for two main purposes, and they are inserted into the vagina.

The first purpose is to increase the effectiveness of their Kegel exercises, which are done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles; and the second purpose is to improve their love life, including the ability to achieve orgasm.

The best part about Ben Wa balls, other than the fact that they are almost always reasonably priced, is the fact that they work. In fact, they’re extremely effective in what they are made to do, so if you’re having any of the problems associated with weak pelvic floor muscles, using these balls while you’re performing your Kegel exercises will increase their effectiveness and enable you to notice great results a whole lot sooner.

These vaginal tools help with a host of vaginal and sexual problems, and there are also many different types of them available. More often than not, the ones you choose will be a matter of personal preferences and tastes, but it is still good to know a little more about each type so that you can make the right decision in the end.

A Description of Ben Wa Balls

There are dozens of types of Ben Wa balls, and they are broken down here by their many different characteristics.


Ben Wa balls can be made out of many different materials, the most popular being:

  • Metal, usually a surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic, usually a type of silicone or ABS plastic
  • Stone, the most popular ones being jade and quartz

Ben Wa balls are very similar to a product called the Yoni egg, which is almost always made out of a stone such as jade, but which is made to instill a total sense of well-being and health, in addition to its many other benefits.

Both Yoni eggs and Ben Wa balls do a great job of improving sexual and vaginal health, and regardless of the material you choose, you can count on it being a high-quality material that has been polished to a very smooth finish, which means it is always going to be extremely comfortable once inserted.

While we’re on the subject, if you’ve never before used Ben Wa balls, here are a few important facts. First, they are very simple to insert and remove, especially with a little practice.

Second, they are not painful or uncomfortable. Third, Ben Wa balls do not get “lost” inside of you, because the cervix and uterus will stop them from going any farther.

Furthermore, when made out of silicone or plastic, it is always hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and completely waterproof. The materials used to make Ben Wa balls may vary, but there are no “good” materials and “bad” materials. Essentially, you just have to decide which one is right for you by testing them out because they are all well-made and safe, so your personal preference is the main thing you need to know to decide which one to try out first.

String or No String

Many types of Ben Wa balls come with a string or harness attached to them, and they are there for one main purpose: to make removal of the balls much easier and faster.

For beginners in particular, it is easy to feel a bit intimidated by a set of Ben Wa balls, and since removing these balls is always one of the concerns a beginner has, this feature can help you feel more comfortable the first time you go to remove them.

When you’re finished with your Ben Wa balls, all you have to do is tug on the string and the balls will fall out. In addition, the string is no more inconvenient than a tampon string, so if you’ve ever worn tampons, you will easily be able to handle a set of Ben Wa balls with a string attached.

One more thing about Ben Wa balls with strings attached: they also have an additional purpose that some women are unaware of. When your Ben Wa balls are inserted, you can move the string back and forth so that the balls move back and forth inside of you.

This produces an extra sense of stimulation that is extremely enjoyable, and it is the second reason that many women prefer Ben Wa balls that have strings attached to them.

Manual or Electronic

If you find a basic set of steel Ben Wa balls that comes in a set of two, these can be classified as a manual set. By “manual,” it is meant that there are no electrical parts, no batteries, and no remote-control device.

Manual Ben Wa balls are very common, especially for beginners, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

In fact, when used correctly – and it is very simple to do so – it can produce some amazing results, so never underestimate their power to get the job done. Because you use your pelvic floor muscles to contract and hold the ball inside, this by itself can produce eye-rolling effects every time.

The electronic ones come in many different sizes and types, but there are small vibrating devices inside of the balls, and they are usually battery-operated.

Some also come with a remote-control device, many of which have different speeds available, which can give you a sense of control over your orgasms.

Simply insert the main unit, pick up the remote control, and go from there. Your experience is always going to be amazing because you are in the driver’s seat, and this is perhaps one of the main advantages to choosing an electronic set of Ben Wa balls.

Size and Weight

Ben Wa balls also come in many sizes and many different weights. They can range from balls that are less than one-inch in diameter to those that are roughly two-and-a-half inches in diameter.

Their weights can range from roughly one ounce to a little more than four ounces, so it is up to you to decide on the size and weight that is best for you.

The larger, heavier Ben Wa balls can be more difficult to maneuver and, therefore, they should only be purchased by experienced Ben Wa ball-users. Of course, this is just a general rule, as some women actually find the larger ones easier to maneuver than the smaller ones.

The brand itself can also help with this decision. Many of the companies that make Ben Wa balls will post recommendations on their packaging, which can help you decide which ones are right for you.

You can also research most products online, which usually provides additional assistance to help you make the right decision in the end.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ben Wa Balls

In addition to the above facts on Ben Wa balls, there are other tips that can also help you decide which set is right for you. Below are a few of them.

Tip #1: Decide on the Size You Want

If you are very young or you’ve never experienced childbirth, the general recommendation is to start with larger and lighter Ben Wa balls, because these are usually easier to maneuver.

Starting out with the larger ben wa balls might seem intimidating for beginners, but they are actually much easier to keep inside your body without falling out.

Once you start to use your Ben Wa balls on a regular basis, pay attention to your level of effort each time you use them. If the process starts to become so easy that it no longer feels like a challenge, it is likely time to move down to a slightly smaller size

Tip #2: Decide on the Weight You Want

Just like the size of the Ben Wa balls, the weight is also something you need to consider. Once again, the general rule is, the more of a beginner you are, the lighter your weights should be.

This is one area where you may also have to do a little research before you purchase your Ben Wa balls because not all makers of this product will include the exact weight on the packaging.

Also keep in mind that some Ben Wa balls list the weight in grams, while others list them in ounces, which means that you may have to first calculate the weight for yourself in order to decide which Ben Wa balls to buy.

Tip #3: Choose Your Color!

Yes, Ben Wa balls now come in a variety of colors, including purple, pink, red, orange, green, blue, and of course, silver and basic blac.k This feature, of course, doesn’t directly affect its ability to do its job, but many women simply prefer their Ben Wa balls to be a certain color because this is a great way to make them even more fun.

Tip #4: Single or Double?

Although most Ben Wa balls come with two or even four balls included, you can easily find them sold singly. There are no disadvantages to either type of Ben Wa balls; however, some women simply wish to start out by using only one Ben Wa ball and working their way up to using two.

After all, using just one ball at a time is much less intimidating for the beginning user, but the good news is that it is very easy and fast to move up to using two balls at once because it won’t be long before you’re ready to move up to this step.

Tip #5: A System You Can Grow With

Some makers of Ben Wa balls actually have the balls enclosed in a silicone harness, which enables you to remove the balls and replace them with balls of a different size. This is the perfect way to “grow” into bigger or weightier Ben Wa balls because all you have to do is purchase the larger ones and place them in the harness after removing the existing balls.

The only recommendation if you purchase this type of product is to make sure that you clean them thoroughly every time. Take the balls out of the harness and clean both the harness and the balls themselves, because this is the best way to make sure that they are safe to use from then on.

Tip #6: Consider the Materials the Product is Made Of

Once again, your personal preference may be the only thing that you need to make this decision. As a general rule, the glass Ben Wa balls are more likely to slip out than those made with silicone, which is why they are not usually recommended for beginners.

If you read the packaging to learn how easy it is to clean the Ben Wa balls, this might also make your decision-making a lot easier.

Each material is cleaned a certain way, and since cleaning your Ben Wa balls both before and after use every time is highly recommended, you may want to pay attention to the materials used for your next set of Ben Wa balls.

Ben Wa balls are popular both for women trying to improve their sex life and for those who wish to experience less incontinence and other medical problems. Doing Kegel exercises while wearing Ben Wa balls greatly increases the effectiveness of these exercises and makes them more productive, as well.

It’s similar to using weights versus not using weights at the gym. Using weights is always going to produce the best results, just like using Ben Wa balls while performing your Kegel exercises will make a tremendous difference in this type of activity.

A little research on your part makes choosing the right Ben Wa balls a lot easier, and since doing this research online is both easier and more discreet, this is how a lot of women start their due diligence efforts. Ben Wa balls also work quickly, since most women see results in two to three months, which makes them the perfect all-natural remedy for a host of vaginal and sexual health concerns.

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