If you’ve ever worried about the tightness of your vagina, then you’ve probably wondered if it’s having an impact on your sex life. Whether it actually is or not, performing a good kegel regime can bring you a lot of benefits in the bedroom. This isn’t just for women either! Men can also experience great benefits in the bedroom by performing their Kegel exercises regularly.

Sexual benefits for women

Most information you will find on the benefits of Kegel exercises will focus on what these exercises can do for women. This is for good reason! While people may overestimate the looseness of their vaginas, just the thought of it can have a massive impact on your sexual confidence. When you aren’t feeling confidence in yourself you just might not enjoy sex as much as you used to, so it’s important to regain this by feeling happy with your vagina.

On top of the psychological aspect of a tight vagina, Kegel exercises bring all kinds of physical benefits in the bedroom. One of the biggest is actually having a “tight vagina”. While this is the phrase you’ll usually hear when discussing the subject, what it actually means in most cases is having a strong and healthy pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles control the opening and closing of the vagina, and exercising it effectively gives you much more control over the muscles. With extra control, you can choose to clench it when you like, giving you the ability to grip onto your partners penis whenever you choose to during intercourse. Being able to feel your partners penis or any of your sex toys while using them is pretty important, and if your pelvic floor has become weakened by childbirth or age, the opening of your vagina might feel like it has become a little loose. When this happens, penis’ or sex toys might not be touching quite the right areas anymore, leaving you unsatisfied. Once you get into the habit of regularly performing your Kegel exercises, these problems should start to disappear over time, and sex should begin to feel as good as it used to be.

Not only can you begin to feel the tightness you used to enjoy, you can experience some much stronger orgasms or even multiple orgasms. The pelvic floor muscles you exercise while performing Kegels are the same muscles which contract and spasm while having an orgasm. When these muscles are strengthened, your orgasms can also be much, much stronger than they used to be. The endurance you practise when performing more and longer Kegels can also carry over into the bedroom, letting you go for longer than you used to be able to. This can lead you to the great heights of multiple orgasms.

Sexual benefits for men

Don’t feel like just because you don’t have a vagina you won’t gain anything from Kegel exercises. While men don’t have to worry about feeling loose, regular Kegel exercises can greatly assist the blood flow in the pelvic area. More blood flow is a big help to your penis, as erections are entirely based on blood flowing into the penis. With a strong pelvic floor, you can begin to experience much stronger erections. These same muscles also play a big part in ejaculation, so if you’ve ever wanted to be able to ejaculate across a room just like you see in porn films, Kegels are a great place to start.

Much like with women, the endurance of your pelvic muscles can grow over time while performing your Kegels. For men however, this can give them a much larger feeling of control over their orgasms. If you’ve ever struggled with premature ejaculation, or just simply want to be able to last longer, Kegels can make a big difference to your sexual experience. You might also be able to maintain your erection after your first orgasm. For some men, this means that regularly performing Kegels helps them to regularly perform in the bedroom, and can lead them to multiple orgasms in a single night!

A word of caution…

While almost everything you read online will tell you about the benefits of doing Kegels, and how amazing it will make your entire sex life, few people tend to mention that it is important to do them properly, and only if you need to. “But I thought Doctors told everyone to do Kegels!” Well yes, they did, or used to anyway. But as more research has been done on the topic, two important distinctions have been found. Firstly, is that Kegel exercises traditionally involve the tightening and clenching of the pelvic floor. While this is certainly a necessary step in pelvic floor health, constantly tightening the same muscles repeatedly while strengthening, will also lead to very tight and inflexible muscles. This can cause just as many problems as a loose pelvic floor, and in men, can even lead to premature ejaculation problems due to overstimulation and spasms of the muscles. This is where the reverse Kegel comes in, this exercise forces you to relax your pelvic floor rather than just tightening it all the time. With the right balance you really can have all the benefits that other websites promise, but going too far in one direction can actually make things worse, putting you off Kegels altogether.

The second important point is that some people already have tight pelvic floors. If you are one of these people then doing tightening exercises really isn’t going to help at all. Instead you need to consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist who will work with you to loosen and rebalance the muscles. This too can lead to a much better sex life, so if you’ve been performing Kegels for a while and not found any benefits in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to consult your doctor and make sure that some other method isn’t needed for you.

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