An awful lot of focus is put onto whether or not a woman’s vagina is loose or saggy. The vagina works both ways however, and having a vagina that is too tight can cause just as many problems as having one that is too loose.

How can my vagina be too tight?

Perhaps the most common misconception people have when talking discussing the vagina is that it can become too tight or too loose. While in a sense this is true, it isn’t the actual vagina itself that usually controls the tightness but the muscles around it. These are the pelvic floor muscles, and control nearly everything you have going on in the lower regions of your body. When someone thinks that their vagina is too tight, it is usually the pelvic floor muscles which have become too tight, not the vagina itself. It is extremely rare for the actual vagina to be too tight, but even so we’ll discuss possible reasons for this later.

While having a tight vagina is something that a lot of women, and men, want, if it becomes too tight it can make most parts of sexual intercourse quite difficult and even painful. If you experience this at all in your bedroom, you shouldn’t just force things in, as this can make it much worse. Be sure to get checked out by your doctor as you may have an underlying condition causing your problems down there.

Reasons for a tight vagina

One simple reason your vagina might be too tight is quite simply a lack of arousal. It’s difficult for your body to know that you want to have intercourse if it isn’t really feeling it. When a woman is aroused, the vagina grows, sometimes getting several inches longer and wider. The more aroused the woman is, the more the vagina grows, and the more lubrication it produces. Simply spending a little longer on the foreplay, or using some lube can be a good remedy to the problems you might have when putting things in your vagina.

Most other reasons you might have difficulty getting things into your vagina aren’t actually related to how tight you are. Things like infections, STIs, or psychological fears can make intercourse painful. Obviously if you’re in pain you probably aren’t going to be enjoying yourself so your vagina will not want to continue. When this happens, the pelvic floor muscles will tighten, making the opening of the vagina and the vaginal canal much smaller. This is a totally natural reaction and addressing your underlying problems will have you back to pleasurable sex in no time. There are however, a couple of conditions which do directly relate to how tight your vagina is though: Vaginismus and Congenital Abnormalities.


This condition occurs just before intercourse and causes your pelvic floor muscles to contract without any action from you. The muscles become so tight that sometimes nothing can actually get into your vagina at all. If you also have difficulties using tampons it could be due to this condition. Vaginismus can be caused by both physical and psychological issues, and there is no one size fits all solution to it. It is important to remember that this condition happens completely involuntarily and isn’t the woman’s fault. If you or your partner is suffering from Vaginismus, you should try to be as supportive as you can to the plans doctors have put in place, as it can take a long time to fully deal with the problem. There are a number of different treatments doctors can offer you to help you regain control of your pelvic floor, and they will be tailored to your own situation and dealing with your own issues, so don’t be afraid to seek help if you’re having these kinds of problems.

Congenital Abnormalities

This condition is less to do with your pelvic floor muscles and more to do with the inside of your actual vagina. Some people are born with extra thick or inflexible hymens. Even after the hymen has been perforated, some parts of it still remain on the vaginal walls. If these parts are touched or brushed against during sex you may experience a lot of pain. While this isn’t necessarily your vagina being too tight, the feeling might make you think it is. If you suffer from this try to take it a little slower and gentler to avoid irritating your hymen. If the feeling is truly too much and stopping you from having pleasurable sex, consult your doctor, as there are vaginal surgeries that can be done to help with the problem.

Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles

A lot of focus is put onto how to tighten your pelvic floor. In some cases, though, this isn’t always the best course of action. Some people already have a pelvic floor which is too tight. This can also cause some difficulties with sexual intercourse, as well as your natural bodily functions. If this is something you already suffer from, then doing exercises to tighten your pelvic floor will only make matters worse. You should instead work with a pelvic muscle physiotherapist to loosen the muscles, and hopefully making things much more comfortable for your vagina.

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