Sixling Hot Silicone Ben Wa Balls



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Your sexy time can get six times the sizzle with the Sixling Hot Silicone Ben Wa Balls!

The Sixling Hot Silicone Ben Wa Balls comes in a compact case to contain the heat. Each Ben Wa Ball has an ergonomic design that looks like dripping pink lava. The color of each Sixling Ball progresses with the increasing weight. As the ball gets heavier, the pink shade gets hotter and darker.

The 1.1-inch wide balls start from 35 grams to 110 grams in 15-gram intervals. You can choose how hot you want your workout will be with the different weights. All of them consist of medical-grade and quality-approved silicone. Since they are free from BPA and phthalate, they are hypoallergenic. You can use these Sixling Balls without any worry.

With the Sixling Hot Silicone Ben Wa Balls, you can start with the lighter ball and slowly move up to the heavier balls. Once you prop it inside, squeeze it and work out your vaginal muscles for at 15 to 30 minutes a day. You can do this while you're cleaning, running, walking, or even swimming. You can sizzle up your everyday activities!

These are the hottest balls even with doctors. Physicians highly recommend it for improving your bladder control, for increasing your pelvic floor strength, and for preparing you for pregnancy. With a stronger pelvic floor muscle, you can control your vagina and have the sizzle you need during sex.

Once you're done heating up, you can easily remove it by its tail. Simply wash it in running water without soap. After drying, place them in their storage for your next session. You can bring them with you as a set or individually to heat your vagina anytime and anywhere.

Get your Sixling Hot Silicone Ben Wa Balls and spice up your everyday life.

Color Pink
Type Ben Wa Ball
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.3 in
Width 1.1 in
Weight 35 gms.,50 gms., 65 gms.,80 gms., 95 gms., 110 gms.


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