Eggzen Cockumber Jade Yoni Egg Set



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You won't be in a pickle with the Eggzen Cockumber Jade Yoni Egg Set!

The Eggzen Cockumber Jade Yoni Egg Set features three Yoni Eggs and a pleasure wand. Since all of the products are made of 100% authentic jade, each item has its own unique pattern. Being handcrafted by nature, these products are free from harmful BPA, phthalates, and latex. When it's not giving you a holistic sexual awakening, you can display them as ornamental jade.

The full set of differently sized Eggzens helps you progress on your journey to a tighter vagina. They come attached to a brown string which you can remove for an extra challenge. You start out with the biggest egg to ease your pelvic floor muscles into the exercise. As your vagina gets stronger, you can move down to the smaller eggs. This will make your experience a sexual progression.

To reward your hard work, you can use the Cockumber pleasure wand. You will have a whole new experience of self-pleasure and exploration, become more connected with your body and soul. You can also use it in between your Egg-O sessions and prepare for an intense O!

When you use the Eggzen Cockumber Jade Yoni Egg Set, you will have both pleasure and workout tenfold. The Eggzens will strengthen your vaginal walls which can treat infertility, prepare you for pregnancy, prevent prolapse, and enhance orgasmic sensations. The Cockumber, on the other hand, will awaken your sexuality as it pleasures your outer and inner pleasure zones.

After using the full set, you can wash it in cold water and soap. Once you dry them up, you can store them safely or display them as ornaments. You can sterilize them in warm water to properly cleanse your sexual blocks.

Awaken to cumberless sexual healing with the Eggzen Cockumber Jade Yoni Egg Set!

Color Green
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Jade
Dimensions (in.)


Wand - 4.5 in;

Eggs: Large - 1.8 in, Medium - 1.6 in, Small - 1.2 in


Wand - 1 in;

Eggs: Large - 1.2 in, Medium - 1 in, Small - 0.8 in


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