Fluorite Pussy-Tamer Yoni Egg



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For exceptional women who have desires for something more, then this Fluorite Pussy-Tamer Yoni Egg is going to be your next best accessory. It has caught your attention for a reason, and it's never letting go of you.

Its clean and balanced design is very refreshing to look at, and its subtle touch of green and white streaks will make you even more interested. This undrilled Fluorite Pussy-Tamer Yoni Egg comes with a small size of 1.18 inches in length and 0.78 inches in width. While this yoni egg looks small, it is sought after by many women who have gone stronger over the years of using yoni eggs for their Kegel exercise. Smaller yoni eggs are more challenging to hold which makes your pelvic muscles get to work more to become stronger. Each yoni egg was hand-carved from natural fluorite stones and was designed to be smooth for a more pleasurable experience during insertion.

Maintain that lust for something more and enjoy this Fluorite Pussy-Tamer Yoni Egg during your Kegel Exercise sessions. If you are just switching to this smaller variant, holding your yoni egg for a few minutes will do until you get used to it. Are you feeling a little extra strong? Try wearing one when you go to the gym. Every swing of those dumbbells will not only make you stronger but will also make you hornier as the egg rubs against your vagina.

You don't have to worry about cleaning as you only need some water, some anti-bacterial soap and make sure you rinse and dry your yoni egg well. Choose a clean portable container or purse where you can keep your Fluorite Pussy-Tamer Yoni Egg.

Hurry up and be the owner of one of these Fluorite Pussy-Tamer Yoni Eggs to maintain that extravagant status of yours!

Color Green
Type Yoni Egg
Material Natural Fluorite
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.18 inches
Width 0.78 inches


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