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So, you have done your workout for the day--or have you? Don't forget to give your happy flappy some exercise. It's time to take control to maintain or restore its magnificent form. This Color Me Purple Silicone Kegel Ballis is going to be her BFF, and you'll find out why.

Your little mystical fold is more than just for pleasure. You know, inside it is your vaginal wall, which is also made of muscles. It is responsible for holding your pee and supports other organs around that area. The stronger the muscles are, the more it can perform its function. That's why you have probably heard your Doctor say to do Kegel exercises regularly. Not only that it can strengthen your muscles down there, but it can also make it look and feel tighter.

This Color Me Purple Silicone Kegel Ball is perfect for beginners because it has a total length of only 7.48 inches. The balls measure 1.35 inches and 1.24 inches thick. Also, unlike other metal-only variants, this one is wrapped with medical-grade soft silicone, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Start by applying enough lubricant on the balls, then slowly insert them and let it slide in naturally. A more relaxed state is going to help you a lot in this process. Once inside, slowly move your body until you can take in all the sensations without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Enjoy your every movement as it gives you pleasure while you wear it. There is more! It also comes with a tiny remote that allows you to turn on its vibrate mode for added controlled pleasure. If you have kinky plans for tonight, this will prepare you for the greatest show.

You can't go wrong with this Color Me Purple Silicone Kegel Ball, and it's the best thing you can ever have. Clean it with running water, some soap, and make sure to air dry it. Keep it until your next use and enjoy!

Color Purple
Type Kegel Ball
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 7.48 inches
Width 1.35 in, 1.24 in (balls)


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