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Ladies, are you tired of searching for the perfect sex toy? Sick of scrolling through countless toys on your favorite shopping site? Stop wasting your time because we have the right product made just for you!

We introduce you to the “My Guilty Pleasure Ben Wa Ball”. This two piece set consists of the Vibrating Ben Wa Ball and its Remote Control. This set is made of high-grade silicone, the same material used to make baby-safe items. This set is also 100% waterproof materials which means that you can use it while taking a shower or swimming in the pool.

First, the Vibrating Ben Wa Ball is shaped like a tadpole, which perfectly fits inside your sweet muffin box. It vibrates with 12-speed frequencies, guaranteeing immense pleasure once this is powered up. You can use this to stimulate your nipples, your clitoris, or use it to stimulate your partner. Are you running low on battery? Don’t worry as this baby is USB rechargeable which means that you can power it up via your laptop, car charger, power adapter or a power bank. Very convenient, right?

Second, we have the Remote Control that is so easy and simple to use. It has a Power button, Frequency vibration button, and a LED indicator light. You will not be confused while using this remote. It is powered by one CR-2032 battery, the one that is commonly used in watches or calculators, so replacing it is a breeze. What is also remarkable about the remote is that this can be operated even at a distance of 10 meters! How fun is that?

With all these amazing features, it is wrong to miss out and not order this. Do the right thing and purchase this now!

Color Rose Red
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Ben Wa Ball: 3.66 in.

Handle: 3.82 in.

Remote Control: no dimensions available


Ben Wa Ball: 1.38 in.

Remote Control: no dimensions available


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