Vagina Potion Amethyst Yoni Egg, 1 pc



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Is this the perfect yoni egg? This Vagina Potion Amethyst Yoni Egg is carved from high-quality natural amethyst stones, that are believed to have healing powers. Aside from the enhanced Kegel exercise benefits that yoni eggs can give you, the bonus positive energy might just make it the perfect one for you.

If you are recovering from urinary incontinence, trying to restore your pelvic strength, or just aiming for a more intense libido, the use of yoni eggs with your Kegel exercise is the perfect duo for you. Its small size of 1.18 inches in length and 0.78 inches in width is the standard for more experienced users. Its surface is smooth and its divine marbling of violet and white, makes it appealing to the eye.

For first time use, it is a must to build a personal connection with your Vagina Potion Amethyst Yoni Egg. Rinse it with water, one of the purest elements on earth, some anti-bacterial soap, and make sure to dry it up. Before you begin your Kegel exercise, hold your Vagina Potion Amethyst Yoni Egg while taking a few deep breaths. The natural stones in your yoni egg will open passages to your body that are good for attracting positive energies. You will feel it when the time is right to place your precious yoni egg inside you.

Our Vagina Potion Amethyst Yoni Egg variant is drilled, so it's also excellent for those who prefer to use it with a string. If you are up for the challenge, push your boundaries, and go for two yoni eggs at the same time. This will not only make your pelvic muscles stronger, but the pleasurable sensation when eggs collide will also transform you into a love machine tonight.

This Vagina Potion Amethyst Yoni Egg speaks to you on a different level so indulge yourself and take advantage of its magic.

Color Violet and White Marble
Type Yoni Egg
Material Amethyst
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.18 inches
Width 0.78 inches


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