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Want to revive intimacy in your bedroom? Playing kinky games and having dirty talks can spice up sex, but the real key to making sexual intercourse intense and gratifying is a hard dick complemented by a tight pussy. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a virgin-tight twat that is able to embrace a man’s solid masculinity.

“But how can a vagina that has pushed two or three creatures out be virgin-tight again?” you may ask. Although it’s impossible to restore your vagina into its “untouched” state, it’s probably to make it tight and elastic, and no more will you have to endure having a stretchy pussy that’s too loose to give a tight squeeze to your man’s hardness.

The solution to having a strong pelvic floor and dense vaginal muscles is the Bud of Happiness Kegel Trainer Ben Wa Ball. It’s a great personal trainer that keeps those PC muscles working. Weighing 70g, this exquisitely designed Ben Wa Ball will assist you in achieving what you desire —a firm, elastic vagina that’s irresistibly alluring.

Composed of two beads with solid metal balls inside, this Kegel trainer is sure to get you into the habit of vaginal weight-lifting exercise. With a silicone wrapping, it’s guaranteed non-porous, phthalates-free, and non-toxic, making it safe to be inside you for many hours.

For hassle-free Kegel training, ensure that you wash the Ben Wa Ball before and after use. Before inserting it in your vagina, apply water-based lube to avoid any discomfort. Sit on a rocking chair if you want to savor the mild yet sublime sensations.

In a few weeks of training, entice your man to make love with you, and surely, he’ll be in pain if he stops himself from wanting you more.

This newfound wealth of pleasure is only a click away. Place your order now, and it shall be in your hands in no time.

Color Sky Blue, Light Yellow, Wine Red
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.10 inches
Width 1.37 inches
Weight  70 gms


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