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Indulge in sublime and incredible intimate sensations with Tickled Pinky Balls. They’re specially designed to work your Kegel muscles so you can have a stronger pelvic floor and firmer vaginal muscles that will surely intensify your sexual desire and orgasms. Reap other health benefits as you continuously dedicate your time to doing pleasurable exercises with the Tickled Pinky Balls.

The product comes with two beads accommodated in an ultra-soft silicone housing, making it safe for use as silicone is non-porous, phthalates-free, and hypoallergenic. The best way to enjoy this pair of beads is to keep those PC muscles working as inside each bead is a smaller weighted ball that rolls and jiggles with every move you make, producing mild but extremely pleasant sensations. Feel even more powerful stimulations in your walls when you go jogging or do your house chores while wearing the pair.

Using this duo encapsulated together is virtually easy. Take the beads out of their housing, then wash them with clean water and anti-bacterial soap. Wash the housing, too. Air dry them or use a clean towel. Make sure to put them in a sterile container to maintain their pristine condition.
To workout using this pair of balls, apply the right amount of lubricant before pushing them in. Once inside, exhale as you flex your PC muscles for a count of ten; inhale as you release for the same duration.

A Kegel workout is as simple as contracting and relaxing those muscles, and with the Tickled Pinky Balls inside you, those muscles will effectively do the routine.

If you’re sick and tired of not reaching an orgasm or fed up with those pesky leaks when you cough or sneeze, then buy the solution—the Tickled Pinky Balls!

Color pink
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.10in
Width 1.37in


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