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Women—they are strong independent human beings. They are goal-oriented, strong-minded but still soft-hearted. However, it's not easy to be a strong and independent woman, especially when you still have needs...sexual needs to be exact. But sometimes, meeting your sexual desire can be tough, even if you are making love with your partner.

Don't lose hope, ladies, for there is a solution to your sexual problem. Introducing, our Tone It Up Single & Dual Kegel Balls! These ben wa balls are what you need to spice up your dull sex life. Our Tone It Up Kegel Balls can take you to the deeper depths of your orgasm. That is because this kit comes in two sets. The first set has three single balls, while the other one has three dual balls. All these balls are interchangeable and weighted. That way, you can choose the heaviness of the toy once you get adapted to its weight.

For beginners, use the lightest ben wa balls to train your pelvic muscles. Then, use the bigger ones and challenge yourself by pushing your vagina to its limits. Doing so will give you stronger and longer orgasms! It will also tighten your pussy, which your man will surely love!

However, our Tone It Up Balls aren't just for strong independent ladies. New mommies and those with urinary bladder problems can use these balls too! The toys help to restore the condition of your loose pelvis. They train your vaginal muscles to control the direction and movement of the balls, which strengthens your pelvic floor. As a result, it prevents urinary inconsistency and eliminates—if not reduces—the pelvic pain caused by childbirth.

Indeed, our Tone It Up Single & Dual Kegel Balls are the perfect sex toys to enhance your sexual experience and health. You have never felt this strong and sexually healthy before with these amorous yet efficient balls!

Color Pink, Lavender, Violet
Type Weighted Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length Single Balls: 4.72 in. Dual Balls: 6.29 in.
Width Single Balls: 1.29 in. Dual Balls: 1.29 in.
Weight Single Balls: 20 gms., 25 gms., 30 gms. Dual Balls: 75 gms., 85 gms., 105 gms.


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