Pentastic Pussy Kegel Exerciser Ben Wa Ball Set



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Who would have thought that a Geisha Ball also known as a Ben Wa Ball, meant to help cure medical issues like pelvic prolapse would also work as a sex enhancer?

Improve your vaginal strength and make sex with your partner infinitely more pleasurable with the Pentastic Pussy Kegel Exerciser Ben Wa Ball Set.

Each set comes with a Silicone double loop where you insert the weighted Kegel Balls – all colored differently based on how heavy they are. The dark pink comes in 53 grams, the light pink in 37 grams and the gray in 16 grams.

Its material is hypoallergenic Silicone, which means it’s non-porous and easy breezy to clean. Worried about safety? Well, the Pentastic Pussy Kegel Exerciser Ben Wa Ball Set has been professionally recommended by doctors, nurses and physical therapists and is, in fact, being used by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Each ball is specially designed for a smooth and comfortable fit for women of all sizes. Just 15 minutes each day with one or two of these babies inside you and you’ll find yourself with stronger pelvic floor muscles for prevention of urinary leaks, and of course, tighter vaginal grip on your man’s cock.

All you need for each Kegel exercise session is lots of water-based lube, some privacy to insert the balls into your vagina and you can be on your usual merry way as they work their magic on your pussy.

The Pentastic Pussy Kegel Exerciser Ben Wa Ball Set is awesome in so many ways so you are rest assured that what you’re getting is of truly premium quality. The kit is 100% waterproof not to mention wholly discreet and really easy to insert with an uncomplicated 6 point program that beginners and advanced users can refer to. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

Color Black, Dark Pink, Light Pink and Grey
Type Geisha Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.3 inches
Width 1.06 inches


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