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Ever wondered what ben wa balls are for and why are they so popular with women?

For starters, ben wa balls are revolutionary products designed to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles and achieve powerful orgasms. With our Vagina Tightening Ben Wa Balls, you're hitting two birds with one stone as work and play can be done simultaneously.

Once the toy is safely tucked inside the vaginal canal, the wonderful toy works its magic when you start performing your daily routine. The two balls, weighing 39 grams each, will move around freely inside the toy's hollow core to stimulate your pelvic muscles. As you move your body in performing your normal activities, you're pelvic muscles get the workout they need to serve you better.

Each time your pelvic muscles contract and relax for extended periods, your vagina gets slowly restored to its former glory. Aside from bringing your vagina back to its pristine condition, stronger pelvic muscles also mean better bladder control and heightened sensations. Better bladder control means you'll have lesser chances of accidents as you can now hold it in much better than before.

Even with the slightest body movements, you can quickly feel the tingling sensations because your stronger pelvic muscles mean you're more attuned with your senses. With this positive development, we cannot fault you if you start wondering what will it be like when your partner's big, hard cock comes thrusting in and out of your vaginal canal.

You'll be reaping these wonderful benefits with minimal effort because of the ingenious design of the fantastic ben wa ball. This is why they're steadily rising in popularity as more and more women become aware of their existence and the benefits they bring.

What are you waiting for? Order our Vagina Tightening Ben Wa Balls now!

Color Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Medical Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.4 inches


Enclosure - 1.3 inches;

Weighted Balls - 1.18 inches


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