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Miss those intense sensations and extremely powerful orgasms? Your man does, too!

Introducing the all-new Eve’s Cherries of Lust Kegel Ball. They’re specifically designed to tone and tighten your vagina with added health benefits!

At first glance, they seem like 2 real fruits hanging on a stalk. Each ball, measuring 1.37 inches in diameter, is made of ABS enclosed in high-grade plastic, TPR. With such covering, you can use either silicone or water-based lube.

Don’t get surprised when you feel or hear the jiggles as inside each ball is a smaller weighted ball that rolls and knocks on the metal wall. As you move, you’ll feel the mild yet incredible sensations created by the vibrations of these tiny spheres. Your vaginal muscles will be stimulated, massaged, and toned thru those subtle vibrations.

Using this pair for your Kegel exercise routine is very easy. Wash this exerciser with warm water and mild soap, then dry. For painless insertion, apply the recommended lube, then in the balls go. Contract your PC muscles for a count of 10; release afterward. The routine is as simple as contracting and relaxing those muscles, so it’s easy to incorporate this Kegel training in your daily schedule.

When you’re confident enough holding both balls in, you can have your Kegel exercise anywhere and anytime you want. After all, having these two balls makes you feel sexy, and keeping such a secret makes it more thrilling. Share your naughty little secret with your man, and he’ll be turned on.

Don’t expect immediate results as toning any kind of muscles takes time. If you do your Kegel workouts regularly, you’ll see significant improvements in weeks and amazing outcomes in two months! So, get ready to get laid because he won’t stop pouncing a dame with a tight twat!

Start your pussy tightening mission now by grabbing these Eve’s Cherries of Lust Kegel Ball!

Color Pink and Green
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material ABS + TPR
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.7 inches
Width 1.37 inches


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