Natural Yellow Jade Crystal Ben Wa Ball



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If you’re a sex-starved man deprived of sensual pleasure by your woman, what should you do? Find another or give her one large Natural Yellow Jade Yoni Egg? While the first option may sound tempting, the latter choice will save your relationship.

The Natural Yellow Jade Yoni Egg is actually made of opal, a gemstone known to possess the power of bringing out love and romance in couples. Give this as a gift to help her restore the tightness and bring back the natural lubrication of her vagina.

Perhaps the only reason why she’s avoiding having a sexy night with you is her dryness, and as you probably know, penetration can be excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable on her part if her vagina doesn’t have the slippery juice.

With Natural Yellow Jade Yoni Egg, your wife’s wilted flower will be revived as fresh as a bud with oozing morning dew. Volunteer to insert this gem into her flower and tell her to practice ten minutes per set three times a day. Give her little gifts for every successful workout just to let her know you care. Be patient because when the right time comes, you will be extremely pleased.

To use this vaginal gemstone for the first time, put it into a pot of water on low heat. This will gradually bring the water to its boiling point. Whatever you do, don’t put it directly into a pot of boiling water as this will damage the ball. For the succeeding sessions, use lukewarm or cold water and bath soap before and after each workout. Use unwaxed dental floss as a string for easy retrieval.

Expect desired outcomes in a few weeks. When the time is right, celebrate it by having a passionate, intimate time with your woman. With red wine, lit candles, and a bed of roses, treat it like it's the first time you consummated love and experience bliss at its purest.

Bring back the blazing passion by giving your queen this Natural Yellow Jade Yoni Egg. Buy it now to start reviving her pussy.

Color Yellow
Type Yoni Egg
Material Opal
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.97 inches
Width 1.2 inches


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