When women are new to the Ben Wa ball experience, they naturally have a lot of questions and one of those questions almost always includes, “can the Ben Wa balls get stuck inside of me?” To put your mind at ease, the answer to that question is a big fat NO.

In women whose uteruses and cervixes have not been removed, these two organs stop the Ben Wa balls from going any further so there is no need to worry about them getting lost.

Even if you’ve had a complete hysterectomy, however, all you have to do is follow a few simple rules with your Ben Wa balls and they are certain to remain where they should be whenever they are inside of you.

How to Stop Ben Wa Balls from Getting Lost Inside of the Vagina

First, let’s take a look at why the worries associated with your Ben Wa balls getting lost are unfounded.If your ectocervix is intact, which your doctor can tell you after an exam, the Ben Wa balls are never going to get past your cervix.

Period. At the end of the vaginal canal is an opening that is usually one-tenth to three-tenths of an inch in diameter.

By comparison, even the smallest Ben Wa balls are typically three-quarters of an inch or bigger, making it physically impossible to fit through this opening.

Even if part of your cervix has been removed, it is still highly unlikely that the Ben Wa balls will get stuck.

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, particularly one in which the uterus and cervix have both been removed, you simply need to choose a set of Ben Wa balls that has a string attached to it because part of that string always remains outside of your body to make removal of the Ben Wa balls faster and simpler.

Since the string remains outside of the body, it eliminates the worry of the balls getting lost inside of your vagina.

In fact, even with a complete hysterectomy, the worst thing that can happen with your Ben Wa balls is that one of them may get “stuck” in part of the vaginal wall or canal.

However, if this happens, all you have to do is practice one of your removal techniques until the balls fall out; this includes everything from standing up and squeezing the balls out to coughing hard so that they dislodge themselves from your vagina.

If you’re interested in not having them stick in the first place, the solution is very simple and it’s called lube.

A good water-based lubricant placed on the Ben Wa balls before inserting them not only makes the balls more comfortable but also prevents them from getting lodged somewhere along the vaginal canal.

The lube should always be water-based, particularly if your Ben Wa balls are made of silicone, because a silicone-based lubricant can be incompatible with these balls and can actually damage the Ben Wa balls’ surface.

Another important tip is to never use Ben Wa balls for any type of anal play because most of them are specifically made for vaginal use only.

Although they cannot get lost in the anus, they can get stuck; if you’re interested in any type of anal sexual activity, you need to find a product that is specifically made for that purpose.

Read the directions that come with the product you’re interested in because that will tell you what you can use it for.

Many women have recurring nightmares about having to go to the emergency room because they accidentally got something “stuck” or lost in their vaginas but the truth is that when used properly, this is nearly impossible when you’re working with Ben Wa balls.

Many women also think that when it is difficult to remove their Ben Wa balls or they are unsuccessful at it the first time, it is because the balls are lost or stuck.

However, more often than not, this is only because they are inexperienced and are having trouble trying to remove the balls. If you’re a little nervous about this, don’t be. In fact, there are actually several ways you that can remove the Ben Wa balls even on the rare occasion when they get stuck against the vaginal wall. Below are a few of those ways.

  • Stand up and spread your legs slightly. Bear down hard and squeeze the vaginal muscles. In many instances, the Ben Wa balls simply fall out soon after you start squeezing.
  • Jump up and down for a while. This one may make you feel silly but it is a very reliable method of removing Ben Wa balls.
  • Cough! Don’t do this just once or twice but until the Ben Wa balls fall out. This method works for a lot of women.
  • Stand up and move around the house. Often, just the movement itself is enough to make the Ben Wa balls fall out, especially if you are new to the activity or your pelvic floor muscles aren’t as tight as you’d like them to be.
  • Use a little more lubrication. Don’t be afraid to put some more lube on the end of your finger and then around the balls as they are inside of you.

Of course, if you’re still nervous about Ben Wa balls getting lost inside of you, which, again, should never happen, you can always choose a set that has a string attached.

The string is similar to a tampon string and remains on the outside of your body at all times. When you’re ready to remove the Ben Wa balls, simply sit in a comfortable position and tug on the string until the balls come out.

When you think about it, this is an excellent way to eliminate the fear of the Ben Wa balls getting stuck inside of you because the string gives you a sense of control the entire time, especially when it comes time to remove them.

You may even find yourself more relaxed while you’re using the Ben Wa balls because you’ll know that the balls are definitely not going to get stuck inside of you and if they do, you have the string to help you dislodge them.

Another tip that may help if one of the Ben Wa balls you’re using gets lodged somewhere inside of your vagina is to relax. That may sound difficult at a time such as this but the truth is that the more you relax, the quicker the Ben Wa balls will fall out.

If you like, you can even stand up, bear down, and insert one of your fingers inside of the vagina and on one of the balls to give it a little push.

These actions together should easily dislodge the Ben Wa ball. You can also do what you usually do to relax, including drink a glass of wine or take a hot bath.

Remember that the vagina isn’t some endless tunnel with no end in sight. It has a beginning and an end and the more relaxed it is, the easier it will be to remove your Ben Wa balls.

Of course, another method you can use is to sit on the toilet and try to push the balls out. This may help you relax a bit since sitting on the toilet is something you do every day and it shouldn’t make you tense or nervous.

Naturally, you have to be careful when the balls finally fall out because they may be difficult to find once they do; however, in most cases they’ll merely sink to the bottom of the bowl and therefore you can simply use your hands to remove them afterwards.

Still another suggestion for removing a stuck Ben Wa ball is to insert a menstrual cup, then wait for about an hour before removing the cup.

Many times, the cup and the Ben Wa ball come out at the same time. Of course, not all women have menstrual cups around the home so this isn’t a solution for many women but if you have one and you find that one of your Ben Wa balls is stuck, it just may work for you.

A Few Tips That May Help You

Remember that Ben Wa balls will never get lost inside of your vagina but they can occasionally get stuck alongside the vaginal wall. However, when this happens, it is usually very simple to get them removed.

One of the smartest things that you can do when using Ben Wa balls is to use them correctly. If you do this, the chances of one of those little buggers getting stuck are very slim.

Correct usage means starting from a relaxed position before inserting the Ben Wa balls, using a lot of water-based lube beforehand, making sure that you clean them thoroughly both before and after each use, and making sure that you use Ben Wa balls of the right size and weight, especially if you’re a beginner.

Finally, practice until you find the removal technique that works best for you and don’t give up if things don’t work out perfectly the first time.

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