Magnetic Ben Wa Balls

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Magnetic Ben Wa Balls

For centuries now, Ben Wa balls have brought nothing but joy, excitement, pleasure, and near-perfect well-being for both men and women. They all began to appear in ancient Japan, 500 A.D. when they were first made of metal with mercury inside. Initially, Ben Wa balls were invented to increase the pleasure of men whilst having intercourse. Shortly thereafter, they evolved to include more features and options for women to enjoy as well (since it's their body being used, anyway). Pretty soon, Ben Wa balls were discovered to not only tighten your vagina, but they have been proven to also increase the sensitivity of your stimulations and intensify your orgasms. Aside from those, regular use of the balls in your Kegel exercises can provide long-term health benefits by preventing diseases that occur in the rectum, uterus, and bladder.

So why exactly are you here? Ben Wa balls from this collection are made from a familiar element that you already know: metal. But they're not just any kind of metal. Magnetic Ben Wa balls are more different than the just the solid regular and rigid spheres you know. Just imagine the same sensation of maneuvering a single or couple of the metal balls in...then you hear a clink, and before you know it, they're fused together.

One of the advantages of using magnetic Ben Wa balls for your Kegel exercises is that they're more stable and will feel more secure inside of you. When they start to make that strong connection with each other, they're not going anywhere. This means lesser chances of encountering those unexpected mishaps like one ball falling off unexpectedly. You won't have to worry anymore about doing your daily routine activities, and your body going through some intense movements like yoga, long walks, running, dancing, or working out will pass by without any anxiety.

Another great thing about magnetic Ben Wa balls is their versatility to change the weights as you please. Our set currently offers a few balls with different weights so you can mix and match according to your preference and expertise. Silicone jackets or pods are included if you want to use the non-magnetic balls in the set and need more control in your Kegel exercises. The jackets are also useful for easier extractions thanks to the long piece at the end that attaches to the jackets. Removing the balls without the jackets are a breeze: just breathe, relax, and push them out. Clean up is simpler, too, because of the disassembling parts.

They are really a lot more special than you think. It's perfect for mothers who just went through labor, someone who's sexually active, and middle-aged women and up who are starting to feel their sex drive slowly decreasing. Magnetic Ben Wa balls are perfect to use for any situation who want to have the same results: a tighter and more sensitive vagina, and more pleasurable and satisfying nights with your partner that you'd be excited to get into. Order now to discover the great leap from simply getting it over with, to pure bliss and ecstasy.

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